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is the ministry activities of Pastor Reuben and 40 other Church leaders around Nepal.

Prayer for Bible School

Your prayer for the Bible School

My Dear Friend

Church in Nepal Once again, I am glad to come with a request to you for the Bible School in Nepal. Thank you all for your prayer and your encouraging email. It is always a joy to me to write you. I am preparing reports of July and August, but thought that it would be nice to send you a request asking your prayer for the Bible School that we would be running from 24 October to 24 November 2011. For the first itme in our Bible College, we will be teaching our Pastors how to write emails, in this Bible School.

I personally believe that if we are to win Nepal for Jesus we have to equip more leaders for the gospel who can disciple others. We can’t do this alone we need friends like you. These are the points to remember in your prayer while making petition to God. Please pray :

  • that whoever comes that he or she may be filled with burden for the lost.
  • that they would be a person chosen by God so that investment won’t go in vain.
  • that all students be united one spirit and that they would be an example to show the way to others.
  • for me and other teacher as we need to focus on teaching that God will give us strength to endure.
  • that God will supply the fund (3000 US Dollar) to give students breakfast and good meals.

Our subjects are :

  1. Evangelism,
  2. Evangelist and his ministry,
  3. Importance of Great Commission and urgency of the gospel,
  4. How to pray for the sick and cast out demons?


  1. How to safeguard our flocks from false teaching?
  2. Five fold ministry in the Church.
  3. What Pastor and leaders ought to know?
  4. What the Bible Says about Giving?
  5. Ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Christian Life.


  1. How to use emails?
  2. How to make blogs and free websites?

Once again, Rita and I want to thankyou so much for your prayer.  We together can do a great work for our God. This world is going away from God let us bring them back.

# How is this email coming to your Inbox, this graphic software is from my website.


I am no body who tells every body about some body who can save any body. Writing you ;from the rented house’ in Kathmandu.

Alternative email:

Just making new website

Mailing : GPO 8975 EPC 2030 Kathmandu, Nepal,

Phone : (977)9851012105

My Skype: reubenrai



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We are simple people and we are nobody who tells everybody about some body who can save any body.

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