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Evangelism in Dasami, Panchther

ImageI believe that God’s abundant blessings are upon you, your family and your ministry. I am so glad as I write to you and I so appreciate you and praise God for you for your long time partnership with me in Church in Nepal. Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support.

As a partner, I am responsible for all the ministry reports and I am committed to that. I will be sending you ministry report of January and February together. But for now, I have very urgent and important prayer request for you and for your team.
I need to go to Dasami to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ which lays in the hilly part of East Nepal. I have decided the dates 17 February onward, not knowing where from the finances come. This is the place where my father was born and raised up and there is an infant church that needs our encouragement time to time. I am taking a team of more then 25 men and women for the evangelistic project that I want to do from 18 February onward where many want to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is one of the place that the people, not Christian, have requested us to bring the gospel. This is a Macedonian call for me and I want your prayer and support.
Last time when we went there many were healed in the name of Jesus. And we are happy to go there once again to preach the gospel, to show Jesus Film, and to distribute Bibles and this time we are expecting some thing great and new and I want to involve you in this.
But to go there, we need bus fare, total we need is 34320 Nepali Rupees one way, and another 34320 Rupees for return. We have sleeping bags and we are ready to sleep where we find shelter. I want you to please consider helping us once again for this evangelism program. We need you.
Thank you so much for your love, prayer and support. You are valualble then gold and silver to me.

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