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Oh! Sindhupalchowk, (2) Look at you, what have you done to yourself

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Church in Nepal

Reuben Rai

May 2,


I and my other three friend went to Sindhupalchowk today. When Earth Quake happened last Saturday, I wanted to know how many Christians were affected by this, I started trying to call but no one gave definite answer on how many Christian died, injured or Churches damaged or destroyed. So I started to get information or visited myself to make a list in my own way.

We heard that Churches in Kothe, Lamosangu and others area were badly affected. We went there to see by our self and to tell you what we saw. We wanted to know what our brothers and sisters doing in that part of the world because we never hear anything from them in anyway. We started to take pictures of houses that has been fallen and we were shocked to see that those images were never seen on TV or…

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We are simple people and we are nobody who tells everybody about some body who can save any body.

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