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is the ministry activities of Pastor Reuben and 40 other Church leaders around Nepal.

Earthquake Story part 6, 2nd Relief supply to Bhaktapur

Welcome to the Nepal Earthquake Story part 6

We were able to collect relief supplies materials for the earthquake victims.

Relief supplies

Relief supplies include, Biscuits, Juice, Salt, Sugar, Rice, Oil, Tents, Buckets,

Unloading the relief supplies in Bhaktapur, near fun park.

Earthquake relief supplies in Bhaktapur

We are very happy to help them with relief supplies. These people were living in tents.

Unloading the supplies for earthquake victims


Believers from Apostolic Church in Kathmandu helped carry the relief supplies to Earthquake victims in Bhaktapur.

Blanket distribution

Earthquake relief supplies

Seventeen house hold were waiting for the relief supplies. We were very happy to give them bags of rice, blankets, Salt, Sugar, and others supplies.

Generous foreigner, who is stretching blankets to raise fund for earthquake victims.

Foreigner collecting fund in street.

The team of westerners collecting fund for earthquake victims in Nepal.

Blankets distribution

Earthquake relief supplies

Blanket and relief supplies distribution to believers in Bhaktapur

Relief Supplies program

Believers getting relief supplies

Relief supplies program in Bhaktapur, for remnant of believers.

Team photo, distributors and receivers

Relief supply distribution

Relief supply distribution team photo

Blankets distribution

Relief distribution to local leaders

Relief supply distribution to believers

Thanking God for relief supplies

Relief supplies photos

Thanking God for relief supplies.

These are the relief supplies received by our friends worldwide. Thank you all for your love and generous heart. God bless you.




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