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is the ministry activities of Pastor Reuben and 40 other Church leaders around Nepal.

Nepal earthquake rebuilding team and Orphans from the Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake Rebuilding Team

We are ready to go and help rebuilding the houses that has been destroyed by massive earthquake, 7.8M in scale that killed almost 9500 people in Nepal. We are waiting for the rain to stop and dry land to be seen. We need volunteer to work and fund to buy the materials.

Nepal Earthquake Rebuilding TeamIf you or anyone is traveling to Nepal and would like to volunteer in serving children, building homes or want to serve in any needed project, they are most welcome. We need healthy person, who do not smoke and drink, and any one who has a heart to labor can join right away.

We are starting this long project from building an extension room for Sunday School in Reuben’s Church in Kathmandu which building was cracked by shacking. They we will go all the way to Earthquake effected zone. What a blessing it would be to help the people make home.

Please join with us as we go around helping other in need and sharing the Love of God in action. Use contact us form to reach us with your message.

Thank you

Please help Orphans to go to School

12 Orphans from Samsetu are living in Bhaktapur and 4 Orphan Children are living in Bogatitole near Betrawati in Rasuwa under Tulamaya care. We would like to keep all of them in one building but we can’t do this now simply because we don’t have fund to do this. Orphan Children of Earthquake

One Child needs 732US$ for a year for School admission, monthly tuition fees, bus, uniform, house dress, books and bag, food, and other school materials. If we divide that into 12 months it comes to 61 US$ per month. Please consider helping them go to School. Please remember that most of them don’t have their father and mother, we can’t become their father and mother, but we can show them our love and care by adopting them to sponsor. There are thousands of homeless Children are there, we can’t help all of them, but we can help some.

Here is the verse about the Children. ‘Then Jesus called for the Children and said to the disciples, Let the Children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.’ Luke 18:16

We have 4 Children in Orphanage in Urlabari in Morang, 9 Children in Makwanpur, 12 Children in Bhaktapur near Kathmandu and 4 Children in Trishuli in Rasuwa. When you support Reuben, you are supporting these precious Children. Children from Trishuli and Bhaktapur are orphans from the Earthquake and we need support for each one of them. One Child needs 61 per month and we have got support for only 4 as per now, September 07, 2015, and one friend said he will sponsor one child so we still need support for 11 Orphans. All of them are going to School but their fees are due and need to be paid. I want to relax and stay in home but I can’t close when I hear orphans cry. Do you hear orphans cry?

Please help, use Paypal or contact us.

Earthquake Children pray Jesus Prayer

How are you? I have been praying for you. I would like to take this moment to share with you what I am going through. I hope you would pray and share this request with other friends there. Its about the Earthquake Orphans.

Nepal Earthquake Orphans needs your help

I have been helping 16 Children whose parents dead in 7.8M scale Earthquake when Church fall upon them. I am a Pastor of a Church and I myself can’t do much even though I like to do. Supporting all 16 is difficult for me because of the finances. So I am sharing this to you with hope that someone would come along side and help the kids go to School. It’s about the finances so here is what I have divided  on topic wise.

One child needs

  • 18 USD/Admission Fees
  • 168 USD/12 month
  • 60 USD/School Bus/One Year
  • 130 USD/Uniforms and Books
  • 360 USD/Food for a year and total is

736 USD for a year for one student. 61 USD per month for one student. There are 16 Students and this is an average expenses in short to help understand. When you or anyone help, fund will be use to help these precious orphans and poor children go to School. If we don’t, they might stop going to School. So, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Who are these 16 Children?

These are the Children of Dandagau in Rasuwa where 8 people dead and from Samsetu in Sindhupalchwok where 23 People dead when the Church they were worshiping the Lord Jesus fall upon them during 7.8M scale Earthquake. They don’t have home now, they can’t cultivate their land and they became orphans, and no one to care of them.

Today, they are already going to School but their fees are due and increasing every month so they need your support. If 16 People each picked up one child, their life will be change forever. This is something we can do for the Orphan children in Nepal.


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