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March 2017 is colorful

Hello and Welcome

March 2017 is colorful. I didn’t know this until I saw my Photos>2017>March> Folder. Right now as I type this I am not feeling well. I just do as I sit and relax. I thank everyone for being in my friend list in Email.

Sport Ministry in Nepal, This is a Church Boys Football team in Nepal. What and incredible opportunity to witness the Lord Jesus Christ in the field through football.


Many have seen sport as a sin but we don’t. We just see that through sport we can glorify God. It is not only about winning and losing, its about using every medium to share the gospel to the world who need it.


These young people in the photos are from the World Race Gap Year. They travel all around the world and work along side the local Church and help and volunteer. Nepal has been greatly bless by their visit.


This is Ben from New Zealand. Our house is open for International Guest. We charge fees for food and lodging and provide all the basic facility like wifi, washing machine, room and bed. But anyone who wants to come they must be Christian and should love the Lord and must have good record of Church attendance. They should not drink and smoke because it is offending to Christian faith in Nepal.


This is Himalayan Honey and it is good. One Pastor in Chitwan owns the Bee Farm. One of my friend who live in Singapore donated 10 Bottle of Honey for us and we are thankful for this. Unfortunately, we can’t send this in Airmail out side Nepal. Two pound of Honey cost only 4 US Dollar.


She is Chameli, care taker of 12 Orphans Children in Kathmandu. She is holding the honey from the donor. She is giving food to all the kids in the Hostel. Anup stands behind Chameli, Anup is lost his mother in the Earthquake.


These are the shoes of the Children who comes to the Church for study. Two teacher helps them in their learning. Many kids benefit from this School as they can’t pay high fees in private tuition. My friend John from India is playing vital part in making this school happen. When class is over they get free food. Children are so happy.


This is Ramesh Dangal and has been leading Church Boys Football team in many tournaments. He is running to player box after he scored the goal through his header. He wears No. 5 in the Team. He also currently play from APF Nepal.


There is a attractive place in Kathmandu, its Soyambhunath or Monkey Temple. It is situated west of the Kathmandu city but inside the Ring Road. It is Buddhist pilgrimage site and it is situated hill top. There are lots of Monkeys but most of them are infected, as you can see. There are no Jungle for Monkeys, they eat what human eat, like Biscuit, Soda, Popcorn, Potato Chips which are not suitable for animal. If you are going there you need to be careful, do not go near them and avoid carrying food and water in the public.


These people looks like Tibetan Nepali. I could see them prayer beads in their hands. Nepal is so religious, full of temple, and buddhist dome. Nepal has so many gods and goddess. They worship god they don’t know if they exist. Christ light need to shine in Nepal.


This is Scorpio Car that we use to travel. We rent car to visitor in Nepal and we provide cheap and our drivers are mature and experience. Anyone can hire this car or other when they are in Kathmandu Nepal. You can email if you wish to hire. Here is email:


Here is a Monkey looking for food in the temple in Soyambhunath. They eat anything human eat and they became sick because human food is for human and not for Monkey. Monkey in Holy Shrines are becoming dangerous to human in Kathmandu. They are sick and carry lots of disease and infections.


In this national daily newspaper, players in white are from Church Boys players in action. What a joy to see our photo come to Newspaper and reader from all over Nepal and around the world reads. It is a gospel and we are witnessing.


This is the last photo of the post. Here beautiful girls smile and in their hands they are carrying a gift box from Samaritan Purse Nepal. Thank you Samaritan Purse for bringing smile in the faces of the Children of Nepal.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. If you do not read then who would read? Thank you for being in my list of friends. I cherish your email and please let me know you have been here.


reubenrita, tankrai


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