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is the ministry activities of Pastor Reuben and 40 other Church leaders around Nepal.

Bible Distribution, Orphans Joy, Students from Sana Tara School, Video Interview

Mark 16:15, And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” NLT.


Dear Friend

I want to thank you for all your prayer, financial support and kind words. I am so pleased to present this ministry update with you.

Thank you for the Bibles

To those, who have helped us with Bibles, I would like to say thank you for meeting the need of Bibles to those who are in need. There are ever-growing numbers of new disciples, seeking the scripture to grow in faith. We can buy Bibles here but they are out of our budget. Gift of boxes with Bibles are the blessing for those in need and we have been giving away free of charge.

You can easily send Bibles, here is the address to send. Send to


Rita Rai,

GPO 2623,



Please send only the Holy Bibles.
Make a box like this one, it may easily contain 7-10 Holy Bibles and easy to handle.

Boot on the ground

I have been blessed working with other groups that come to visit Nepal. I have been managing their hotels accommodation, travel arrangements, and taking them around the countryside. I enjoy helping them and I see this as a part of my ministry. In 2017-18, I was able to serve teams coming from abroad. If any one traveling to Nepal need any help, boot on the ground is here any time. I would be gladly willing to help taking them around.


Guitar as a gift

This small piece of Guitar has boost the spiritual level of the youth in my Church. They are gathering every week to practice worship songs for record. They go to other places and conduct worship meetings. It was a gift from a person I never knew, to our worship band.

He is Gopal, a worship leader. House Church, Worship service, public worship, this type of gift motivates them to lead others in worship. Most of they youth are attracted to the Church because of the activities of the youth.

Nepal Orphans

Sarmila, at the right side, has join the other 4 Children in Urlabari. Her father and mother were killed in Earthquake 3 years ago. She has now new home and new family, but it some how hard for her to saturate in new atmosphere. I want you to please pray for her because some time she feels lonely and cry. She is a lovely Child. How do the child feel when they know their father and mother is dead? What does it mean to be an orphan? I believe God send her to us and we will love her the more with everything we have. You can send her cards saying she is a beautiful creation and she does not need to worry.

School in Ilam

Ilam is a district in east Nepal, province no. 1, and there is a small village called Dungdunge. I visit there regularly. Many years ago when my father took us there, we could hear Tiger roar in Jungle, dear run, monkeys all around. It was beautiful place except there was no school, market, electricity, no tv, no road and no grocery store, and no medical store. People brought salt and sugar from nearby store which was 4 hours walk from the village. During the summer, village was locked, because of rain and river. My father was a pioneer, first to go as missionary there and later three churches were started through him and more than 150 people were turned to Jesus. We started the school to educate the Children. No body helped. I never forget the word Jesus said, ‘You are the salt of the earth’.

School in Ilam

Our service to the village people was very impressive and unforgettable. One by one, almost all the village people turned to Jesus. I love this village and I love these small Children and I feel responsible to educate them. No body commanded me to do this. Only command I feel it’s for me is ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.’ Today we still run the school and we teach children about God’s love and Christian value. In the course of time, many volunteer has come to help build school. We need more volunteer, please come.

These cuties fancy themselves with wild flowers in Sana Tara School Nepal

Sana Tara School in Nepal needs your support

But, what we do to them is not enough. We want these Children of the village to get connected with other children of the world. We want to put a desk top computer to show these children how the computer looks like and how it works. There is a curriculum and we have to show computer and its parts to them. But we don’t have computer. If any one willing to donate a computer to them, I will be so glad.
Jesus said, ‘Let the Children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.’

Kitchen room and Guest House

This is the orphanage building 2 foundation. This is for staff, kitchen and guest. There is a other building where the Children stay. Please pray with us that fund come in to complete this building.

Christians in Nepal

I am so happy to see the large number of saved saints in Nepal. This one is from the Easter, all over Nepal, in 77 districts people gather like wise to celebrate the resurrection day of our Lord. Christian population in Nepal is growing faster than ever and because of this people who don’t like Christians are terrified. I want you to please continue to pray for Nepal and do what you do.
Nepal has challenges, but the doors is open.

I thank sister Sherly, for interviewing me for this video. Please watch video of Nepal from the western eyes.

Thank you for reading my report. I will be posting my other update soon. If you are looking to give donation for the mission work in Nepal, please go to and click on Paypal, its secure.

Video about Christianity in Nepal. Please watch.


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