Church in Nepal

is the ministry activities of Pastor Reuben and 40 other Church leaders around Nepal.

Bible distribution

A photograph of Bible School students that we gave Bible for their personal study
Bibles in Nepal

Bible distribution ministry has been in our heart since it carries the values of God. Our motto is: God’s word is free let every one have it. It is always good to see people reading God’s word in their hand in their own language. We accept new and used Bibles and share to people who need them. Please join with us to share the blessing of the word of God to someone who cherishes it.

Benefits of the word of God
These are the blessings of reading the scripture :

  1. Answered Prayer John 15 : 7, Prov 28 : 9.
  2. Victory over sin, Ps 119 : 9, 11, 1 John 2 : 14, John 8 : 31-32.
  3. Spirit filled living, Eph 5 : 18-19, Col 3 : 16.
  4. The word brings purpose to life, John 17 : 17-18.
  5. Spiritual Growth, Rom 10 : 10, 1 Pet 2 : 2.
  6. Fruitfulness, Ps 1 ; 2-3.
  7. Defeats the power of darkness, Mt 4 : 3-11, Eph 6 : 17, Heb. 4 : 12, 2 Cor 10 : 4-5.
  8. Brings success to life, Jos 1 ; 8, Ps 1 ; 2-3, Jam 1 ;25.
  9. Equips us to be competent counselors, Rom 15 : 14, 2 Tim 3 : 16.
  10. When used it brings the purpose of God to pass, Isa 55 ; 10-11,
  11. It gives comfort and hope, Rom 15 : 4, Heb 6 : 17-20.
  12. It gives guidance and direction to life, Ps 119 ; 105.
  13. It brings joy, Jer 15 : 16.
Send us your unused Bibles

A price of a Bible in Nepal is 3.5 US dollar. English Bible price vary in its version and contents. You can be a partner with us by just sending scriptures. In every good Christian homes there are plenty of unused Bibles, but people here are desperately looking for the Bible. You could be a blessing to them. If you want to donate Bible please write us today, here is the email

Bible is needed in Nepal.

Every years end, we distribute Bibles to our Pastors, Evangelists and workers. In December of this year we would like to bless our churches with the scriptures. We are praying for 400 Bibles. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to purchase us Bible, we would be happy to accept that. Annual conference is the only place where we get together.

Help us print gospel tracts

Another very important need of our evangelistic ministry is gospel tracts. We have written down and printed three different types of tracts,1. I was dead but I live again read my story in Nepal. This tracts is easy to read where it explains sin, death, Jesus, and salvation. Second is ‘In a Land where we never grow old’ which tells about separation of human from God and if we accept Jesus we will be with Him again. The third is called ‘Walking with God in the Cool of the Day’, which tells us that before sin God walked with men. After Sin, we were separated. But if accept Jesus we can live with God once again.

Bible distribution in the graduation of Bible School

Give tracts to local church who does evangelism work
We receive many requests from our churches for the bibles and tracts. We need partners who can help us print more tracts. We encourage you to put your money in God’s bank in your account by investing here on earth. God bless you. Please donate Bibles. God’s word is free let every one have access to read it. Send us your used and new Bibles, we will happily accept them. To know more about Bible Distribution Ministry, please click in a photograph above.


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