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is the ministry activities of Pastor Reuben and 40 other Church leaders around Nepal.

Nepal earthquake rebuilding team and Orphans from the Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake Rebuilding Team We are ready to go and help rebuilding the houses that has been destroyed by massive earthquake, 7.8M in scale that killed almost 9500 people in … Continue reading

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Christians in Nepal very much concern over upcoming new constitution in Nepal

Reuben Rai July 12, Kathmandu As the nation is preparing to send copies of the preliminary draft of the constitution to all its 240 electoral constituencies all over Nepal to … Continue reading

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Earthquake Story part 6, 2nd Relief supply to Bhaktapur

Welcome to the Nepal Earthquake Story part 6 We were able to collect relief supplies materials for the earthquake victims. Unloading the relief supplies in Bhaktapur, near fun park. Unloading … Continue reading

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Earthquake story part 4

Visti to Sindhupalchowk, right after the earthquake Interviewing the people Alpha Church in Khadichaur Lamosangu after Earthquake Nissi Rophe Church where 15 people died Interview with Pastor Ramesh Shrestha Emmanuel … Continue reading

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Nepal Earthquake Photo Stories Part 2

Nepal Earthquake Photo Stories Newspaper continued to tell the world whats happening in Nepal after the Earthquake News from Nepal continued to knock the door of the government offices for … Continue reading

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A Shepherd humbles before the Lord in silence

A life of a Shepherd before the Shearer By Reuben Rai On May 5, Kathmandu He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led … Continue reading

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Oh! Sindhupalchowk, (2) Look at you, what have you done to yourself

Originally posted on Church in Nepal:
Reuben Rai May 2, Kathmandu I and my other three friend went to Sindhupalchowk today. When Earth Quake happened last Saturday, I wanted to…

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Blankets for the Pastors in Makwanpur

Originally posted on Church in Nepal:
I and my wife, Rita, made a visit to the mountains of Makwanpur in 2nd week of March, it was my 3rd visit and…

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Slide Photos from December

Welcome to our 2014 December and 2015 January Ministry report from Nepal. I have began writing my reports in blog in order to save memory of my website. We just … Continue reading

February 8, 2015 · 1 Comment

December-January 2015 Ministry report

Originally posted on Church in Nepal:
Welcome to my December 2014 and January 2015 Ministry report Urlabari is really cool place. In this building, 4 Orphans, 2 girls and 2…

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